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Pricing for Nord Pool Spot Pricing is now ready

Spot pricing have the potential to remove all of todays’ discussions once and for all, and even direct users to charge when it is most beneficial for the building owners if the charging takes place over a long time.

We had hoped to introduce this function in Q4 for delivery. But beta testing showed that improvements were needed and this beta testing is still ongoing. The expectations is for the final version to be ready in Q2, but customers who would like to are invited to contact us for beta testing, with some limitations to the details in the portal and app.

When it comes to pricing we have decided on different price strategies for multi user dwellings where end users pay a part directly for support, and public chargers with only one owner. The reason for dividing this, is to make our prices easier to use for our majority of customers in apartments and other multiuser dwellings (MUD).

For our public and private customers with one central buyer, there will be an increase in per charger per month cost if you want to use this function. For our MUD customers we will introduce a fixed fee per month, based on the number og users in the system. All our current customers will be informed over the coming weeks of the prices and can then decide if the cost saving of never have to worry about prices is worth the cost.

If you are not a current customer, but find this interesting, please contact us directly.


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