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Partnership between Capacity and Electric Freeway for development in the Nordics

Capacity, the Smart Parking and EV platform for business environments of European IT company Cegeka, has signed a partnership with Electric Freeway. Thanks to the partnership with Capacity, the portfolio of the Electric Freeway is now extended with the smart parking solution for Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Electric Freeway operates large and small-scale EV charging systems for business environments in Scandinavia. “Thanks to the collaboration with Capacity, we can integrate the operations of our EV Charging Solutions with the parking experience and operations of Capacity for the Nordics”, says Dag Storli, CEO of Electric Freeway. “We can offer our customers an ecosystem of parking and capacity planning for parking spaces in larger environments, combined with the operation of EV charging systems."

The strategic partnership between Capacity and Electric Freeway offers the opportunity for Capacity to approach the Scandinavian market in a structured way.


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