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Our charging solutions

Housing associations and condominiums

The best solution for housing associations 
and condominiums

More than 80% of all charging takes place at home or at work today. 
• Then it is important to have good partners with you

• Electric Freeway works on all 
market standard charging boxes

• Each user has full control over their charging, both in real time and historically

Do you have a charging system in the housing association and want the market's best control system without spending time and energy on it?

Electric Freeway has the solution for you: 
As chairman, you don't have to spend time worrying about the operation of the charging facility. We provide all support for your users and monitor operations. The board receives a total settlement for the electricity consumed in the charging facility paid each month.

Are you going to purchase a charging system and need a partner who has extensive experience with most of the chargers on the market?

We can be an advisory partner together with your electrician for selection and operation. That way, you get independent advice and more freedom to choose.

Electric Freeway currently operates charging in housing estates in Norway and Denmark, starting in Sweden in 2022.

Establish new charging facility 
with SmartCharge

We do all the planning, configuration, start-up and operation of small and large charging facilities.

We can participate in the entire process together with the chosen electrical installer for installation and supplier of charging boxes. The Smart Charge platform ensures worry-free daily operation of the charging facility.

We deliver solutions that are independent of which charging boxes or type of electrical infrastructure will be used in the charging facility.

Consulting, project management, 
offer assessment

Assessing solutions for electric car charging facilities, e.g. in a housing association or condominium can be complicated and demanding. Assessment of electrical capacity, choice of charging boxes, flexibility for future expansions and upgrades, as well as ensuring that the solution chosen does not lock you into a single supplier is demanding. 


We are a product-independent, competent partner who can assist in this work. 

Establish SmartCharge in existing charging system

The first charging facilities in housing associations, condominiums, company garages, car parks etc. was installed 6-7 years ago. Many of these have now grown from small facilities with 4-5 chargers to become facilities with 30-50-100 ++ charging points.  

If administration of charging users, extensions of electrical capacity, support and payment have become a challenge, we can set up a new and modern charging administration system in your existing charging facility.  


Our charging solutions

Destination charging, business garages, hurting charging & SmartCity

Fast charging

Fast charging and lightning charging (often called DC charging) are charging at higher speeds than with destination charging or at home, typically from 50 kWh to 350 kWh.

With our solution, there are a number of possible payment methods and setups that are practical for fast charging, e.g. minute payment after charging is complete.


Electric Freeway can be used on most rapid chargers in use in Norway today.

Business garages

As with destination charging, these are usually cheaper AC charging stations of the type found in car parks and in private homes, with charging speeds from 2.3 to 22 kW. Remember that your car also helps determine the charging speed. Charging at home and at work accounts for over 80% of all charging

Electric Freeway has solutions to operate charging at your workplace / commercial building and make your everyday life as an owner worry-free.


We currently operate parking at workplaces all over Norway.

Destination charge

A destination charger is a charger you find at your destination, it can be your shop, fitness center or hotel. These are usually affordable AC charging stations of the type found in car parks and in private homes, with charging speeds from 2.3 to 22 kW. How quickly you can charge also depends, among other things, on the car's charging capacity.

Today, destination charging is the second most used form of electric car charging, after home.

Electric Freeway has solutions to operate destination charging and make your everyday life as an owner worry-free.

SmartCity - How to get car-free streets without banning cars

How to get cars off the road by utilizing all parking spaces in a better way.


Introducing Electric Freeway: 
Capacity, the world's first complete parking system that provides flexibility and complete utilization of parking spaces.

Good for:

Building owners: More flexibility and increased income from parking spaces.
Operating staff: Full control and better utilization of parking in real time.
Tenants: More flexibility in the tenancy and increased opportunities. Self-service.


Read more here:

Would you like a demo of this solution: Charging solutions | Electric Freeway

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